Business Mobility Management

Manage All Your Enterprise Mobile Devices and Apps


Dynalink offers you Airwatch, a complete enterprise mobility platform which delivers access to your existing systems and manages all devices from a central admin console. Scalable and easy to configure.

One advanced interface where you can control, manage and configure your business mobility.

Your entire fleet of mobile devices, managed from one central console.

Easily deploy, upgrade, secure and retire all your mobile assets

Container Management

Ensure personal data privacy and corporate data security.

Separate sensitive corporate data from personal applications on mobile phones. Corporate data is encrypted and secured. Personal employee data remains private. Sync files, make data easily accessible for employees, and ensure secure Internet browsing.


Device Management

View and manage all devices from one central console. Enroll devices in your enterprise system easily and quickly.

At the core of our Enterprise Mobile Management is the Mobile Device Management platform. Multi-tenant architecture, a scalable platform as your business grows, and self-service options make the business mobile experience easy and secure. Configure custom profiles and settings without the need for individual user interaction.


Content Management

Allow your employees to access important documents on the go, without compromising on data security.

Your sensitive data is secured in a corporate container, the Airwatch Content Locker. Employees can access, store, update, distribute and add content through mobile access. Save significantly by implementing enterprise file sync and reducing printing, paper and shipping costs.


Email Management

Ensure maximum security for your enterprise email infrastructure.

Encrypt sensitive data, prevent loss of data, create email sync that allows employees to quickly sync via the self-service portal, and control which devices can access emails, and enforce compliance policies. Email, calendar, and contacts are in one convenient interface. Built in analytics and smart folders make for an uber efficient emailing experience. Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) and IMAP protocols are implemented so users can connect to email systems such as Exchange, Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo and iCloud.


Browsing Management

Browse in a secure, whitelisted browser to protect your corporate data and applications.

Configure your Airwatch browser to work along with or in place of native browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. Eliminate security risks. You can create a custom whitelist and direct users only to secure, approved sites. Airwatch browsing integrates with the Content Management feature, so that downloads are automatically placed in the Airwatch secure Content Locker. The Airwatch browser is intuitive and possesses the same features as other popular browsers.



A wide range of businesses and industries enjoy the benefits Airwatch’s agile mobility provides. Some of the most popular industries which utilize Airwatch include retail, healthcare, financial services, and government.



Give your customers a seamless, streamlined experience that will convert them from shoppers to customers.


 Employees can access information that will help them assist customers instantly. Retail operations will run more smoothly and efficiently with access to real time information on all devices.


Deliver a consistent brand message, and grant your store associates the capability to deliver the best level of customer service when they can access relevant information on their devices



Give caregivers the ability to make better decisions when they are not in the healthcare facility. Mobilize healthcare by giving them access to PHI, protected health information, with secure and confidential mobile access.


More informed decisions and improved care quality during after hour medical emergencies at bedside consults. Efficient medical workflows, a virtual mobile clinical workspace, and the ability to deliver superior healthcare with utmost compliance and confidentiality.


Empower your health care providers to give the highest quality patient care.

Financial Services


Increase operational efficiency and provide an enhanced customer experience.


Automate and modernize your virtual business environment in one central location.  Provide business continuity and improve customer engagement by allowing tellers, loan agents and private bankers to access relevant sensitive data securely.



Safeguard data and protect citizen privacy while allowing employees to access data on all devices. Speed up first response and provide services faster and more efficiently.


Security measures include FIPS 140-2 encryption, remote device wipe, network and application micro-segmentation and compliance with the Common Criteria framework.


Allow your agency to be agile and equipped to deliver services even in natural disasters or circumstances which would normally prevent the execution of services.


Single Management Console

The AirWatch HTML5, web-based admin console gives you visibility into all enrolled corporate-owned, employee-owned and shared devices, regardless of platform or device type.

Global Architecture

Organization groups provide a streamlined way to manage all users and devices. Directory services (AD/LDAP) integration enables you to import your existing directory services structure into AirWatch. Changes in AD/LDAP are synchronized, multiple domains within a single organization group are supported and each group can have different device proles, apps and content.

Easy Device Enrollment

The AirWatch enrollment process provides a simple, consistent enrollment ow for all major platforms, and allows both administrators and end users to enroll devices through the AirWatch® Agent, QR code, email or SMS. Authenticate users using username/password, directory services credentials, SAML, token or proxy authentication methods. Prompt users to accept a custom Terms of Use agreement before gaining access to corporate resources on the device.

Custom Device Proles

Proles allow you to dene enterprise settings, policies and restrictions for devices without requiring user interaction. You can assign proles based on operating system or device ownership type, and deploy to a group or to individual users. Available proles include passcode, restrictions, Wi-Fi, VPN, email, applications and more.

Automated Compliance

AirWatch continuously monitors for unauthorized users, compromised devices and other risks. Administrators can track compliance in real time with the AirWatch compliance engine. If a threat is identied, IT administrators are alerted and access to enterprise email, applications and resources can be blocked automatically based on predened escalations and actions.

Real-time Dashboards

AirWatch dashboards give administrators a quick view into real-time deployment data from the admin console. From the dashboards, view a high-level graphical representation of your deployment, a comprehensive list of enrolled devices and drill down into specic device and user details. The AirWatch® Hub, a customizable, central portal for fast access to critical information, provides details including compliance, apps, email and more.

Device Commands and Messaging

Send commands on demand to devices to request information and perform actions. Commands include device query, clear passcode, send message, lock device, nd device, set roaming, remote view, sync device and perform an enterprise or device wipe.

Advanced Logging and Reporting

Record both device and console events to capture detailed information for system monitoring, and view logs in the console or export reports. AirWatch offers extensive reporting capabilities, providing actionable, result-driven statistics about your deployment. Custom reports and more than 80 report templates are available. Datamart provides the ability to export data to third-party business intelligence (BI) solutions. Create snapshots of key data in the Datamart or export data in .CSV formats to provide trend analysis.

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