Feature Codes

VoIP Phone System


Feature Code Sheet

The following codes are default on all accounts:

We can create custom codes for each customer – according to what they need.


     *77                       Activate Reject Anonymous

     *78                       Activate DND

     *79                       Deactivate DND

     *87                       Deactivate Reject Anonymous

     ***                        Park a Call

     701,702,703,704          Call Park Retrieve Codes

     *72                      Enable Call Forward Always

     *73                      Disable Call Forward Always

     *85                      Remote Access to Voicemail

     *88                      Log-in to Call Queue

     *89                      Log-out of Call Queue

     *8+ExtID           Remote Call Pick-up

     *67                      Transfer a call Direct to Voicemail

     *99+ExtID         Intercom

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