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Maximize on Productivity and Save on Costs

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Fleet Management

Track and monitor your fleets with confidence and accuracy.

Enjoy visibility and transparency between you and your drivers.

Real-time location information helps you

  • Encourage maximum driver productivity
  • Provide accurate arrival times for your customers
  • Ensure proper driving behaviors, which reduces speeding fines and protects your reputation
  • Save time and costs spent on manual processes and paperwork
  • Give your customers a heads-up about unforeseen delays
  • Cut down on fuel and insurance costs

Hours of Service

Easily fulfill your ELD compliance with the HOS app- it automatically logs your driver’s duty status and automates Hours of Service record-keeping. More time on the road instead of filling out paperwork.

Dispatcher Service

Dispatchers can send tasks and activities to mobile workers, based on location and workload. On their end, the worker can accept tasks and update the dispatcher on the real time status of their activities.

FMCSA Electronic Logging Regulations

ELD Regulations will require all drivers of commercial motor vehicles who are currently required to fill out Record of Duty Status (RODS) paper logs to convert over to Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs).

Equipment Tracking

Track and manage your high-value assets and equipment.

Get a bird's-eye view or map of your expensive shipping containers, trailers, bins and other assets in their real time location.

Set up custom alerts - like when doors open or close, or if your equipment has moved out of a predetermined area - to prevent theft or loss, and monitor fuel and temperature levels.

Fleet Complete helps you maximize your fleet in:


Your drivers are the key to your trucking success. Get real time information to see how they are performing. Monitor driving behavior to minimize aggressive behavior such as speeding, idling, rapid acceleration and harsh cornering/braking.  Check the ECM status, ignition status, DTC codes and battery voltage. Save on fuel costs by dispatching the closest driver to the next job.


Use Fleet Complete to give your customers accurate ETAs, track driver performance, and see hardware malfunctions. Save on fuel, insurance and speeding fine costs. Track and manage your mission-critical fleet, workforce and assets even in distant areas.

Service Companies

Delight your customers with outstanding service - you can now inform them of ETA and status updates with perfect accuracy.

Monitor your drivers to make sure they are performing their best.

Speed up arrival times by dispatching the closest available driver directly from the Fleet Complete Platform.

Push to Talk Integration


Push to Talk Provides a robust Mobile Resource Management (MRM) solution integrated with the EPTT group communication solution.

  • Integration with AT&T Fleet Complete fleet management solution
  • Provides efficient dispatch communication add-on to help improve fleet productivity and dispatch operations
  • Ability to dispatch your technicians/drivers direct from AT&T Fleet Complete Tracking Screen
  • Make and receive calls using compatible Wi-Fi networks
  • Locate your vehicles on the Tracking Screen and reach out to the driver’s smartphone device direct from the fleet tracking platform
  • Quickly track down workers to assign tasks or check the status of an order with one click
  • Have customer on hold while checking the status of their urgent order request and update them within minutes without redialing
  • Use one platform and one device for all your communication needs
  • Dispatchers are able to locate the closest driver, dispatch a task to them, contact them on-demand and receive the status of the order all from one platform
  • Drivers only need to carry their own or company owned phone to make/receive calls, receive orders and tasks, scan barcodes, capture signatures & more
  • Your drivers can bring their own devices to be used during work hours for receiving tasks and orders. No need to purchase any extra handsets


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Technical Details

Fleet Tracker is an in vehicle GPS modem that connects to the vehicle's power source through OBD-II/CANBUS, J1708, J1939 or Hardware connections.

  • Collects information such as vehicle’s battery voltage, ignition status, ECM status*, DTC Codes, etc
  • Reports on driver behavior like speeding, long idling, hard braking and rapid acceleration
  • Reports vehicle’s location on the map in the customer-facing fleet management portal – Fleet Complete
  • Sends alerts to a specified email upon arrival/departure at a location
  • Provides greater insight into the vehicle diagnostic health and it’s performance in the field
  • Scalable for businesses with small, medium and large fleets

Optimized for All Fleet Types

Heavy Duty Fleets

Light Duty Fleets

Yellow Iron



• J1708

• J1939

• Hardwire

• Transportation, Trucking, Oil & Gas


• Hardwire

• MGS50

• Service, Delivery, Construction

• Hardwire

• Construction, Oil & Gas

• MGS50


• Plug-n-go

Additional Sensor Data Collection

  • Captures accurate times when the auxiliary equipment powered by the vehicle is in use by monitoring the PTO Sensor switch status (ON/OFF).
  • Used for Fuel Tax Reporting
  • Accurate time sheets for work performed minimizes under-the-table work
  • Ideal for Tow Trucks, Dump Trucks, Lift gates, Cranes, Forklifts
  • Satellite antenna provides back-up when the vehicle is working in remote areas out of cellular range.
  • Used by fleets with operations in remote areas
  • Additional service activation required
  • Ideal for Pipeline, Environmental and Construction services
  • Installs inside the refrigerated trailer and logs the temperature of the trailer environment at regular intervals.
  • Provides proof of temperature during transportation at delivery
  • Alerts of spikes in temp changes
  • Up to 4 sensor probes can be installed inside the trailer
  • Ideal for Pharma/Food transport
  • Allows identification of a driver/technician operating the company vehicle.
  • Unique programmable Key Fobs
  • Multiple drivers per one vehicle
  • Identify who operated the vehicle and their driving behavior
  • Ideal for company-owned vehicles with contractor driver/operators

Implementation Requirements


Office Back-end

  • Fleet Tracker installed in the customer’s vehicle
  • Professional installation is recommended
  • Self-installation is available
  • Fleet Complete software portal installed on Desktops or Laptops
  • Windows 7 and up, Mac not supported
  • Unlimited complementary training is recommended for dispatchers and fleet managers

Fleet Complete. Track your fleet and assets to productivity and profit.




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