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Multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) is a versatile solution to address the problems faced by present-day networks—speed, scalability, quality-of-service (QoS) management, and traffic engineering. MPLS has emerged as an elegant solution to meet the bandwidth-management and service requirements for next-generation Internet protocol (IP)–based backbone networks.


DynaLink provides core IP architecture, that has proven time and time again to be a reliable platform for mission critical applications. This service was first rolled out to the US Government and then to other security minded customers.


IP network was the first to earn the Multi-servicve VPN and IP Multi service certifications from Cisco.


We continue to have the fewest nationwide outages and fewest long distance FCC reportable outages for eight straight years.


Sprint has an all digital, fiber optic 99.5% ring protected self healing SONET broadband network.


Over 440+ SONET rings. Over 34,000 route miles of Fiber.

Over 1100 points of presence worldwide.


Benefits Include: Provide scalability to move and change as businesses restructure by simplifying network integration and management.


MPLS VPN allows total connectivity while controlling network management costs. Benefits: Reduce costs by eliminating the need to purchase multiple PVC's, eases network management with value added services, and provide flexibility by simplifying the integration of new locations.



Complete MPLS VPN solutions featuring:


 Service flexibility

 Class of Service (CoS)


 Cost Effective


Service Flexibility- managed or unmanaged service; suite of value added services, and access options; future proofs network for evolving applications.


CoS No charge for real time Class of Service; portal-based management system.


Security- Supports layer 2 equivalent security; traffic is fully segemented and customers can only view sites within their network.

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