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We value our partners and present you with every tool you need to build your rewarding career.

 Lifetime Evergreen Agreements

You’ve worked hard to earn that commission. And with Dynalink, you keep reaping your commissions forever. Enjoy a generous commission through the lifetime of the account.

Superior Commissions

Every commission you earn gives you at least 5% more than the standard commission rate in the communications industry. Combined with our Evergreen Agreements, that translates into lucrative revenue for you.

Private Labeling

It’s your choice. You can ride on the power of a prominent brand, or choose the opportunity to build your own brand name while harnessing all of Dynalink’s benefits. Do you prefer to use the Dynalink label or your own brand? It’s all about what works best for you.

Solid Partner Support All the Way

We support you all the time and all the way, through the entire sales-cycle and beyond. Our dedicated support team is set up to address all your needs and questions in an effective and courteous manner. You can call anytime, 24x7, for prompt, helpful service.

Full Training

You’re never on your own. Dynalink provides you with full training, giving you all the support, knowledge and tools you need to become the next success story in this industry.

Constant Appreciation

We appreciate what you do, and make sure you know it. From constant support and service to our Appreciation Events such as the Annual Golf Outing in Las Vegas, you’re always valued and your work is appreciated.

Customers’ Favorite Combination

Join our unique communication combination: Premium service from major carriers, with Dynalink’s low prices. Your customers will love the carrier reliability, fast network speeds, extensive coverage, and enjoy great savings. Every month, more businesses discover the power of Dynalink. You can help them attain it!

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