Local Phone Services

POTS, PBX and DID Local Services


DynaLink provides a competitively priced, full-range of local phone services combined with technology that meets or beats the competition.

Our state of the art switching equipment allows DynaLink to provide local phone service with rates up to 60% lower, and eliminates costly access charges imposed by many other companies.

Local Dedicated Services (LDS) include: Voice Outbound Only, TFN Service Only, 2-Way (Outbound & TFN Service), Point-To-Point Only, IP Service Only (Internet Access), Integrated Services - Voice, Data, Internet, and Video/Imaging - ISDN PRI, and much more.



Long Distance Services

(IXC) Switched or Dedicated Services


DynaLink offers competitively priced long distance services that feature a variety of comprehensive solutions using POT’s lines, PRI’s, Integrated T1’s, Switched and Dedicated Long Distance that best suits your company's requirements.

Long Distance (IXC) Dedicated Services include: Voice - Outbound Only, Voice - TFN Service Only, Voice - 2-Way (Outbound & TFN Service), Integrated Services - Voice, Data, Internet, Video/Imaging - ISDN PRI.

Domestic Outbound services include: Inter-State Traffic, Intra-State Inter-LATA Traffic, Intra-LATA Traffic (Local Toll), International Outbound, and much more.



International Calling Plans

Cost Effective Solutions For Your Business


DynaLink provides a wide variety of reliable, low-cost solutions for International calls.

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